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Copywriting tips - Be emotive

Appeal to the emotions. Bring out laughter. Enrage. Make them blush. Crimson.

Craft sentences so they're annoyingly short or lovingly soft and long. Caress/destroy. Entice your readers, tease them, inspire them to feel.

We live in a world of too much info. Be precise, like an acupuncturist with a needle.

Information should be fun and thought-provoking. Link to other images, different angles, your childhood, their childhood, progression, dreams, despair.

Make it personal.

Where were you when man landed on the moon?

If you weren't alive I've still got your feedback - 'What, this writer doesn't care for someone my age? What is he getting at?'

Of course it all goes back to tone. But even the blandest shade of grey must have heart.

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